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       HZMEM is a benchmark enterprise committed to building an integrated platform of the whole industry chain in the field of rail transportation, creating social value and leading the wind direction in the industry field. The company was founded on February 25, 2020 and has set up project business centers in Hangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen respectively. Up to now, it has ISO9001/14001/45001 and TS22163 management system, and has applied for 17 national patents and software copyrights in total.

       The company is jointly funded by DITT, MTR and Shanghai Sunvision Capital. Based on the solid theoretical foundation and maintenance experience in the field of rail transportation, the company has gathered the advantages of experience in the whole life asset management and maintenance of electromechanical equipment, standardized maintenance system, the guarantee ability of the whole industrial chain of maintenance, and the R&D ability of digital intelligent operation and maintenance products, and is committed to providing customers with We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, reliable and efficient services to create a "safe, humanistic, green, technological and intelligent" travel metropolitan area.

       At present, the company's key business layout includes rail vehicles, electromechanical equipment, intelligent maintenance and consulting training. The company's main business involves various aspects, including: testing, transformation, maintenance and sales of urban rail transit vehicles, intercity railroad vehicles and parts systems; testing, transformation, maintenance, repair, sales and leasing of rail transit operation electromechanical equipment systems; application and promotion of intelligent digital maintenance technology; technology development, technology transfer and technology application, technology consulting, technology services in the field of rail transit equipment; project management in the field of rail transit equipment. Technical services; project management, project supervision, economic information consulting, management consulting, training services in the field of rail transportation equipment. On the basis of continuously strengthening the basic business of the enterprise, forming the concept of whole life cycle asset management, actively exploring the technology and product solutions of intelligent maintenance, and finally achieving the purpose of improving operation efficiency, controlling operation and maintenance costs, and reducing the risk of maintenance quality.

        Looking to the future, HZMEM grasps the rich maintenance experience and project experience of frame overhaul, complete supply chain system, high-quality quality assurance service team and sound safety and quality management mechanism, based on the base point of the industry field, and strives to gather the city's outstanding industries to jointly cultivate the digital intelligent operation and maintenance ecology and build an integrated platform of the whole industry chain in the field of rail transportation.